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More and more homeowners are choosing stucco for the exterior finish of their homes because of the many advantages it offers in comparison to vinyl siding and other types of exteriors such as wood, brick, and stone. In the warm, dry Albuquerque climate, stucco is the ideal kind of exterior because it is highly resistant to fire and outlasts some of the other traditional exteriors.

Many homes in the Southwest have been finished with stucco because of the tremendous range of colors in which it’s available and because a colorful exterior can literally light up your property, breathing life into the entire surrounding area. A neighborhood of stucco homes is often very colorful, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing.


Stucco Repair Albuquerque

Even the most durable and long-lasting material sometimes needs patching, though, and if you’re a homeowner who likes to change things up occasionally, a complete face-lift might even be in order. When you decide that you’d like to try a new color or texture or add a new wing onto your home, the company to contact is Silverado Stucco Systems.

While stucco itself has the capability of lasting for a century if not compromised in any way, there are situations where water somehow gets beneath the surface and slowly begins to degrade the material, so repairs are eventually needed to restore weather-tightness. If you have any question about whether this may have happened at your home, please feel free to give us a call at Silverado Stucco and we’ll be happy to inspect your premises for any damage.


Stucco Repair Residential

Many residential areas of Albuquerque—and throughout New Mexico, for that matter—have adopted the beautiful, stylish look of stucco as their exterior finish of choice for many of the reasons mentioned above. Besides all those good reasons, many residential customers with stucco exteriors are aware of another important fact about stucco repair vs. repair of any other exterior type—even major repairs will cost much less with stucco.

If your home were to be sided with vinyl or faced with brick or stone, you would need to buy those materials in addition to paying for the labor cost. The stucco material needed to repair a home is included in the cost of the repair or re-stucco job, which always makes it a more economical venture. The inexpensive nature of stucco as a building material is a big reason why it’s chosen so frequently as an exterior finish in the first place, and that same kind of economy remains in effect throughout the life of your stucco exterior.


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Wherever you happen to live in the Albuquerque area, contact the company that can repair or re-stucco your entire home in the color you want and in a style that appeals to your sense of aesthetics. We can make it smooth, with a “sand” finish, lace texture, dash texture, or the ever-popular “worm” texture. The many styles of stucco we offer are one thing that separates us from the competition and gives you some great options for decorating your home’s exterior.