Albuquerque Residential Stucco & Restucco Services

Stucco is a very attractive and long-lasting cement-based coating that is versatile enough to be applied to many different exterior surfaces. Stucco is commonly used as a facing on gypsum wallboard, polystyrene insulation board, and wooden surfaces to provide a durable shield against the elements, as well as an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing to observers. Depending on the type of stucco material used, it can be applied by your Albuquerque residential stucco contractor as a one-coat, two-coat, or even three-coat system to achieve all the benefits of protection plus visual appeal.

Uses for stucco surfacing

One of the most commonly used building materials in Albuquerque for new construction is the stucco exterior. In new applications, the stucco system completes the exterior after the underlayment, lathing, and base coats have been established. This is ideal for usage with the two-coat or three-coat systems, and there is a wide variety of finishes possible depending on how the stucco is trawled onto the exterior. A sand finish and various coloring options are other possibilities that can provide wonderful visual appeal and maximum protection for the interior of the dwelling.

It’s the perfect material to use for Albuquerque residential stucco repair to improve your home’s exterior, and it can add years of life to your home so that you don’t have to incur the expense of major rework. If your stucco repairs are carried out by a highly reputable stucco company in Albuquerque, such as Silverado Stucco Systems, you can also count on receiving a warranty with all repair services, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job was done right and your home’s interior is fully protected.

Even major rework can be handled

Sometimes more than minor repairs are called for to your home’s exterior, and instead of using patches to handle the problem, what’s really needed is a complete reinstallation of your stucco exterior. This is sometimes called restucco. Situations like this can arise when you have a total loss of adhesion, which causes the stucco material to literally fall away from the exterior. It is also possible to suffer very large cracks due to some defect in the previous product or its application, or you could have a major puncture resulting from some kind of accident.

There are any number of reasons why the original work on your home’s exterior might not have been done correctly or an inferior product was used, and in either case, you are now experiencing the results of that poor workmanship or poor product. For any of these scenarios, the company to call for residential stucco in Albuquerque is Silverado Stucco Systems. With Silverado, you can have full confidence in a reapplication of high-quality stucco surfacing applied by master craftsmen who take great pride in excelling at every residential project they undertake.We are Albuquerque’s restucco specialists.