The Importance of Parapet Repairs

If your Albuquerque, NM home has a stucco finish, you may at some time experience a need for parapet repairs, and when that happens you should call Silverado Stucco Systems right away. The parapet is a kind of barrier or wall at the edge of your roof, and it has to endure all the heat of the day as well as the cooling cycle at night, because the roof receives all the worst heating and cooling from daily weather. That being said, it naturally dries out more than any other part of the house, and that can lead to cracks and paint chipping.


Benefits of parapet repairs

When you have your parapet repairs done by Silverado Stucco, your house’s parapet will be in a better condition than it was when it was originally built because of the approach we take to such repairs. First of all, a thorough inspection will be conducted to verify the exact extent of work necessary and to be sure that all cracks or other weaknesses are discovered. After we’ve replaced the stucco itself, we preserve it with a strong coating of elastomeric that helps strengthen your roof in several ways.


This elastomeric roof coating acts very much like rubber cement in holding together all the material beneath it because it’s such a great binding agent. It’s also highly resistant to water, so any rain or sweating will be easily repelled rather than absorbed, so it won’t harm the stucco or underlying material. This weather resistance also protects the parapet from the extreme temperatures of the day so that future cracking is minimized and so the stucco itself is not directly exposed to those temperatures. This coating is a low cost option compared to full weather proofing with flex-al.


Why parapets should be well-maintained

Maintaining the parapets around your building’s roof can be very important, because they act as barriers that rise above the level of the roof itself. Whenever a fire breaks out, the parapet prevents flames from spreading upward and across the building. Many fire departments and civil authorities recommend parapets for just this reason, since they’re such good flame inhibitors.


Parapets also dramatically increase the wind resistance of your building, because they extend above the level of the roof and prevent wind damage that might occur if there were no barrier at the edges of the roof. By arranging for parapet repair in Albuquerque and keeping the integrity of your parapet intact, the profile of your building is substantially strengthened against these hazards, and several kinds of damage can either be minimized or avoided altogether.


Albuquerque parapet repair

When you begin to notice cracking or chipping from the original stucco work done on your New Mexico building’s parapet, you should contact us at Silverado Stucco Systems at your earliest convenience. You’ll want to continue to enjoy the benefits provided by having a parapet installed in the first place, and you’ll want to limit the spread of any damage to the rest of the roof. Call us for all inquiries and to have a friendly representative inspect any damage you might have so we can discuss a residential parapet repair approach that will restore your rooftop parapets to their original condition—only better.



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