Albuquerque Fall Weather is Great for Stucco

While there are certain times of year when residential stucco exteriors can be more easily applied, there is really no bad time to undertake a new stucco application or to give your home a stucco facelift. Even in the colder days of winter, stucco can be successfully applied by an experienced crew, as long as they take the proper precautions to keep all materials warm and ready for the day’s work. Granted, it might be necessary to erect a tent-like shelter to maintain the proper environment and conditions, but well-trained and knowledgeable workers understand how to do this so the stucco can be protected.


Autumn application of residential stucco

Since the Albuquerque temperature generally averages at least in the low 70s through October, conditions are usually ideal for a residential stucco project, and no special arrangements need to be used. It’s a great time of year to see a striking color scheme applied to your residence, either contrasting with or complementing the palette of colors ushered in by the season. 
It’s also a good time to engage the services of the area’s best contractor, Silverado Stucco Systems, since it’s well past the flurry of busy activity that happens each spring. Our crews are ready to take on your exterior stucco project and get it finished before the colder temperatures arrive, and to make sure the job is done right so that your residential exterior can easily withstand whatever kind of weather comes along during the winter months.
One important aspect of the training and knowledge that our residential stucco workers have at their disposal is a thorough understanding of the impact that falling temperatures have on stucco exterior application. Because our specialists are so well-versed in their craft, they can ensure that all steps necessary for weather conditions are observed, so there will be no undesirable after-effects that might degrade the exterior. 


Cooler temps, better stucco application

As long as temperatures remain above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, residential stucco application can be undertaken normally. However, when temperatures fall below that mark, that’s when special arrangements have to be made to keep the stucco warm, at least until a day or two after it sets and cures. With the heat of summer over with, though, it’s generally easier to accommodate whatever kinds of conditions may come up in autumn to efficiently carry out a major residential project.
Any options that you’d like for a stucco exterior finish can still be implemented in the cool autumn weather. Acrylic paint can still be used to add a splash of color to your home and to reduce any cracking that might occur, and any special finish techniques can also still be accomplished by our skilled craftsmen. Whatever your residential stucco project might be, though, get the ball rolling in late summer or early autumn so it can be completed without having to go to the usual extra trouble during winter months.


Albuquerque Residential Stucco

For any questions you might have about the application of residential stucco in Albuquerque, contact us at Silverado Stucco Systems. We’ll be happy to schedule a time for a home-site visit so we can provide you with an estimate of any residential stucco project you might have in mind. Autumn is a great time to get your stucco work accomplished before the cooler months of winter arrive.



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