Albuquerque Residential Stucco

Stucco is one of the most versatile external finish materials that can be applied to a building, and in addition to its terrific resistance to weather elements, it can be used in a number of ways that are quite pleasing aesthetically. In fact, the kinds of possible finishes stucco might be used for is limited only by the imagination of the homeowner, with any number of artistic expressions of Albuquerque residential stucco being achievable. This discussion will list a few of the most popular kinds of stucco finish to provide a starting point for you to consider which type of look you might want for your own stucco application.


‘Cat face’ texture

This is a generally smooth surface with variously-sized inclusions added to create an asymmetrical, random pattern that provides visual appeal. There is a great deal of variety possible with cat face textures, which can either be troweled on or sprayed on before finishing by hand. It’s this final, hand-applied step that gives it the distinctive look bearing out its name.


Dash texture

This finish has an appealing rough look, in the manner of raised sandpaper, and it’s generally necessary to apply two or three coats to achieve the kind of look desired. It is often applied by being sprayed on and can be either light, medium, or very heavy, at the discretion of the client.


Lace texture

This is one of the most frequently requested types of residential stucco finish for several reasons. Its ultimate finish does indeed have the appearance of lacy swirls, and that adds an elegant touch that many people find extremely appealing. Because of those lacy-looking inclusions, it also hides any imperfections very well and is very easy to match up with, should repairs ever be necessary. There is a good deal of creativity possible with this texture, being applicable in fine, medium, and coarse granularities, and an experienced professional can achieve some very artistic looks with it.


Smooth texture

One of the best aspects of a smooth stucco texture is that it can be combined with any number of colors to create various levels of shading and hue to suit the preferences of a homeowner. It sounds easy, but it can be one of the more difficult finishes to achieve, since it calls for a perfectly smooth texture at completion. Smooth textures have become very popular because of the colorful potential they offer.


Worm finish

This texture is achieved with a special kind of stucco that contains larger pieces of some kind of aggregate material. As it is troweled on, it leaves a texture with groove-like impressions that look as though worms crawled through an impressionable medium that then solidified. This finish is harder to apply, but it can achieve a very distinctive and appealing presentation, which many homeowners appreciate.


Residential stucco in Albuquerque

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