Yes, there is. As some area businesses may already know, Albuquerque commercial stucco has many of the same qualities as plaster in that they are both hard exterior surfaces, withstand weathering quite well, and can be applied in a variety of styles and finishes. These qualities make both products very useful as construction materials, either in new construction or in re-surfacing projects on various commercial buildings. The chief difference between the two lies in the components used in the manufacturing of each and in some of the subtle resulting characteristics imparted by those different components.

Plaster composition

Plaster is typically made from a combination of water, sand, and either lime or gypsum. When lime is used, it takes a very long time to fully cure, which is somewhat of a drawback to its usage as a plaster ingredient. Gypsum, on the other hand, cures very quickly and is often used to make the plaster casts used to help heal broken bones. Gypsum-based plaster is not as useful as an exterior plaster, though, because after repeated exposure to water, it will begin to degrade. Lime-based plaster will not degrade like that and is therefore more desirable for exterior usage, but as noted already, it requires a far longer cure time.

Stucco composition

Stucco has traditionally made use of lime as a key ingredient, which is why it is a preferred exterior construction material, but it also generally includes additives that greatly contribute to its strength and durability. In the past, these additives have included everything short of the kitchen sink—mud, clay, brick dust, sugar, salt, tallow, keratin, wax, and animal fat, to name a few. Nowadays, more common ingredients are Portland cement, which (as you might guess) makes stucco hard as a rock when it cures, or acrylics and elastomerics, which provide synthetic strength to the mixture.

Commercial stucco

Commercial stucco in Albuquerque is the best choice for the exterior finish of your business building for a number of reasons. For one thing, it can resist weather extremes very well, to provide long-lasting durability during hot spells, dry spells, and even the occasional storm or high-wind event. It is also a very fire-resistant material, which can be extremely important in the event that some kind of small fire does break out at your business building.

Instead of enhancing the flames and encouraging the spread of fire, the stucco material will act as a retardant and serve to reduce the spread of fire. If yours is a business where a little color might be used to attract customers, stucco can be colored and styled to be aesthetically pleasing while also being virtually maintenance-free.

Your commercial stucco provider

So where can you find out more about commercial stucco or consult about making it your building’s exterior finish? Your one-stop shop for all things stucco in Albuquerque is Silverado Stucco Systems, where you can arrange for new stucco applications, refinishing jobs, coloring, any kind of repair work, or completely new construction. You can choose from a one-coat, two-coat, or even three-coat commercial stucco package to give your building years of great appeal with low maintenance and an almost indestructible exterior coating.



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